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While people may feel self-conscious when experiencing crooked, misaligned teeth, the traditional method of obtaining an aligned smile may create a sense of self-doubt as well. That is why the Los Angeles dental practice of Dalia Nosrati Cohen, DDS, provides ClearCorrect™, the solution to improving malocclusion discreetly.  Dr. Nosrati Cohen and his dedicated team make sure patients have their dental needs met while exceeding their expectations with quality service. 

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Preserve Your Budget, Preserve Your Lifestyle

Our Los Angeles dental practice provides ClearCorrect, so an aesthetically-minded solution to malocclusion is available to all patients.  These clear plastic aligners are cost-effective, making it easier for patients to achieve their ideal smile without having to opt for traditional metal-based orthodontics. These translucent braces also allow patients to feel comfortable when meeting new people, as they do not feel like others’ eyes are on their treatment.

Compared to many clear braces on the market, ClearCorrect is one of the most affordable options, making them appealing to both Dr. Nosrati and our patients.

ClearCorrect Resolutions

At the office of Dalia Nosrati Cohen, DDS, we use these visually appealing aligners to improve the function and aesthetic of our patients’ smiles. Undergoing ClearCorrect treatment resolves the following dental issues:

Crooked Teeth
Bite Misalignment
Gaps Between Teeth

ClearCorrect is also an effective solution for those who are suffering relapse from their previous orthodontic treatment. These aligners are removable, adding convenience to your dental care as you address malocclusion. 

Obtaining ClearCorrect with Dr. Stanley

To start the ClearCorrect treatment process, you must have your dental anatomy examined by our Los Angeles dentist. This is to ensure that you will receive all the benefits this discreet orthodontic system has to offer. Then an impression of your smile is taken and sent to a lab so they may craft your unique set of trays. Once the fabrication of your aligners is complete, the dental lab sends back your braces to our practice, so Dr. Nosrati Cohen may educate you on their proper usage and maintenance. 

As you move through the ClearCorrect process, you graduate through your aligners, with each step bringing your one step closer to a well-aligned smile. You must wear your appliances for 22 hours a day to ensure the treatment remains as effective as possible. 

Align Your Smile While Remaining Cost-Effective

Our Los Angeles dental practice provides ClearCorrect to give patients every opportunity to achieve their desired smile. At the office of Dalia Nosrati Cohen, DDS, our team is committed to keeping your teeth as healthy as they are beautiful.


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