Replace Missing Teeth With Implants in West Hollywood

dental implants are available at dr. steven stanley's los angeles dental practice.For many, the possibility of missing teeth is nearly unthinkable. However, statistics show that roughly a quarter of all adults will experience tooth loss before the age of 40.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, the options available to you are somewhat limited. Bridges can replace multiple missing teeth in a row, but require that the surrounding teeth, which may otherwise be perfectly healthy, be altered to make room for the anchor crowns.

Dentures are viable but can be uncomfortable for some patients, as well as limit the foods you are able to eat. They also require daily cleaning and reapplication with an adhesive.

For permanent, functional, and beautiful restorations, Dr. Steven F. Stanley, recommends dental implants. But what are dental implants, and why are they the best choice for our Los Angeles patients?

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent restorations that not only renew your smile but restore function as well.

This restorative process uses biocompatible titanium posts implanted in the jaw. Normally, there would be a period of healing from the surgery before receiving your new tooth, but patients at our practice can choose a more efficient option as well. With Teeth-In-A-Day™, you're able to receive your implant and crown on the same day!

The crown that is fixed to your implant is matched to the color and contour of your natural dentition, giving you a full, radiant smile. Best of all, the implant acts as the root of the tooth. It stimulates the jaw, prevents bone loss that often comes with missing teeth, and restores the full strength of your bite.


dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. visit dr. steven stanley of los angeles today for your dental implant consultation.Steven F. Stanley, DDS offers many of our patients dental implants in a single day. In most cases, we are even able to perform the implant surgery at the same time as an extraction. This means that our practice is a one-stop-shop for restorations, allowing you to leave our office with a radiant new tooth in just a few short hours.

Our practice knows all too well how busy our Los Angeles patients can be. Life here moves fast, and we value your time just as much as you do. With us, there is no need for extra appointments and consultations.

You can visit our office, have your tooth extracted, the implant installed, and a temporary crown, all in one day. After the requisite period of post-surgery healing, when the implant is fully bonded to your jawbone, your custom crown is placed on the post and permanently affixed.

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If you need dental implants or other restorative care in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood or Mid-Wilshire, look no further than Steven F. Stanley, DDS. Our team is experienced and well-qualified to handle any case that walks through our door.

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