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Teeth, just like your skin, have pores. These small holes absorb the food and liquids that come into contact with them. Unfortunately, this means that certain consumables, such as red wine, coffee, and tea, can stain and darken your teeth.

Having yellowed, or deeply stained teeth can have a dramatic impact on confidence. Nobody should have to be embarrassed of their smile. This is why the office of Dalia Nosrati Cohen, DDS, offers take-home Opalescence® to whiten your teeth and return radiance to your smile.


How Opalescence Works

When you come to our Los Angeles practice for whitening treatments, you'll meet with Dr. Dalia Nosrati Cohen as he takes impressions of your dental structure. We will then use those impressions to create a set of custom trays, molded to fit your teeth.
This treatment process allows you to take it home with you, along with your supply of whitening gel. Filling the trays with this gel and placing them on your teeth completely saturates your teeth in the substance. This allows the gel to seep into the pores of your teeth, breaking down the chemical bonds of the stains, and gently push them out.

This process whitens your teeth in noticeable increments. Depending on the strength of the whitening gel, this process can take as little as 15 minutes a day. It should be noted that some patients experience sensitivity for a short time after treatments. This is normal, and dissipates in a matter of hours.

The Power of Opalescence

Dr. Dalia Nosrati Cohen offers Opalescence as a non-invasive, easy treatment for patients to take home with them. It requires very little time in the chair, and no extensive procedures.

Opalescence whitening gel comes in different flavors, including mint and melon, and three different levels of strength. Over time, they all accomplish the same goal, but lower levels will take more treatments to achieve the same results.

For many patients, a noticeable difference in shade can be seen after just one night. With the custom trays and varying degrees of treatment strength, Opalescence is the gold standard for teeth whitening products.

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Dalia Nosrati Cohen, DDS has been practicing dentistry in Los Angeles since 1985, proudly serving the communities of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Mid-Wilshire.

To learn more about Opalescence or other cosmetic treatments we offer, contact our office today to schedule your first visit.


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